Why Consider Invisible Braces, its Price, and Where to Get Yours in the Philippines

Despite their price, invisible braces offer great benefits that metal braces cannot. Learn why you should consider them, their price, and where to get yours in the Philippines

Considering invisible braces but have no idea about the price and their great benefits? Let us help you decide!

More people are now considering invisible braces or clear aligners, with their great benefits that you cannot get with traditional metal braces. 

In the Philippines, teeth aligners can cost from Php150,000.00, but it can go up to Php 300,000.00 for the overall treatment depending on the complexity of the case.

However, you might be wondering why it can cost that much and why it is more expensive than conventional braces.

These retainer-like trays are tight-fitting, custom-made, and removable. The treatment involves wearing them for at least 20-22 hours a day until it fits the position of your current tray and then moving on to a new set until you achieve your proper teeth alignment. 

We list down the reasons why teeth aligners cost higher than metal braces and why these reasons are also pointing for you to choose aligners. Why Teeth Aligners Cost More Than Metal Braces

  1. Modern technology
    Invisible braces are the modernization of teeth alignment. It requires advanced and cutting-edge technology to ensure that your teeth aligners will perfectly fit. They require modern 3-D scanning to make sure your aligners are optimized.

    Also, this technology is not readily available in any dental clinic. You might need to go to a clinic specializing in aligners or ask your dentist/orthodontist if they are offering such treatment.

    From scanning your teeth to producing your aligners, your orthodontist or dentist guarantees that they use the technology you can trust. 
  2. Dedication and Expertise
    As we said, not all dental clinics offer aligners to their clients as it requires a certain extent of expertise, not just with the complex technology it entails, but importantly on how to safely move your teeth into a healthy alignment using these invisible braces.

    According to Reveal, your teeth aligners should be designed by a provider who knows:
  • Which teeth need to move;
  • How far should they move;
  • How fast they can safely move;
  • In which direction they need to move.
    When you use these invisible braces, you are not just paying for some pieces of plastic, but you are mostly paying for what’s happening behind the scene. Your dentist or orthodontist pours out their dedication and expertise by being as meticulous and perfectionist as they can so that your teeth can be safely aligned with these invisible braces. They make sure that your experience with teeth aligners would be worth the cost.

The Benefits are Worth It

Yes, invisible braces might cost you more, but their great benefits definitely compensate for it. With the modern technology, dedication, and expertise poured into making your aligner, your orthodontist can vouch for its effectiveness. 

We list down some benefits you can consider if you are up for aligners: 

  1. The Aesthetic Factor
    Smile confidently with a brace that does not feel like one. Aligners are nearly invisible, so most people would not be able to know you’re having braces at all!
  2. They are Removable
    Say goodbye to pesky metal wires and brackets and say hello to removable trays when you use teeth aligners. With this, the chances of repair and emergency visits to your dentist or orthodontist are fewer. Also, you can brush and floss easier which means your teeth are still getting the right dental care while having treatment. 
  3. Eat and Drink Whatever You Want!
    Since invisible braces are removable, you can eat and drink whatever you crave without the worry of food getting stuck in your brackets. Just make sure that you remove the aligners when eating or drinking to avoid any stains or damage.
  4. Faster results
    Studies suggest that aligners give faster results than conventional braces, though the cost can be higher. So if you want that confident smile a little faster, invisible braces are the way to go.  

Are Aligners Right for You

While aligners offer a guaranteed smile and great benefits, it is also important to know if they are right for you as a course of treatment. Not all cases can be treated with invisible braces.

Here are some orthodontic issues that can be fixed by these aligners: 

  • Mild to moderately crooked teeth
  • Mild to moderate overbite and underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Gaps in teeth
  • Open bite
  • Mild to moderately crowded teeth

If you are also looking into fixing your smile, aligners can also help with that.

However, people with severe teeth crowding and spacing issues might need much more complex treatment. 

To know if aligners are right for you, it is always best to ask your dentist or orthodontist.

Start your journey with aligners today

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The ALINA Promise

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The ALINA Promise

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