What are the Differences Between Invisible Braces and Traditional Braces?

Do you want straight teeth, or do you want a beautiful smile? That is the question to ask yourself before choosing a dental treatment. The choice between invisible and traditional braces often comes down to personal preference, however, this is what sets ALINA Invisible Braces apart from the rest:


The best advantage of ALINA Invisible Braces is that it is made specifically for you. Each treatment is tailor fit to your unique facial features, unlike traditional braces with metal brackets and wires that are standardized to just straighten your teeth. Bonus points, they are discreet, unlike metal braces that are very noticeable.

Comfort and Convenience
Invisible braces are more comfortable to wear compared to traditional braces. Without the metal components, it removes the risk of irritation caused by brackets and wires. Additionally, invisible braces are removable, allowing you to enjoy your favorite food and drinks without any hesitation. This makes oral hygiene easier to manage, as you are able to easily brush and floss without any hassle.

Treatment Duration

ALINA Invisible Braces offers faster treatment durations compared to traditional braces. Though this varies based on your unique case, invisible braces achieves results more efficiently. The treatment period for invisible braces typically ranges from 6-18 months, perfect for individuals who want have their teeth fixed at a faster rate.

Predictability and Precision

ALINA uses the latest AI technology to provide a more predictable and precise treatment for you. With 3D imaging and computer-aided designs, we are able to create a customized treatment plan for you, ensuring each aligner moves your teeth into the perfect position. This precision contributes to more effective and optimal results.

Reduced Disruptions to Daily Life

Traditional braces require more adjustments and frequent visits to the dentist for tightening or wire changes. On the other hand, getting invisible braces involves fewer in-person appointments. You can perform various treatment aspects, such as progress tracking and providing new sets, remotely, minimizing disruptions to your daily life.

The choice between invisible and traditional braces fully lies on your preference and lifestyle, but overall, ALINA Invisible Braces is able to provide advanced and effective orthodontic treatment with a focus on aesthetics, comfort, convenience, and precision.

The ALINA Promise

We guarantee the quality work and support in your journey to your perfect smile. If at any time during your treatment that you’ll need adjustments, we’ll be there to help you get back on track.




raya olivarez

raya olivarez

The ALINA Promise

ALINA guarantees a smile unique to you—so you can finally uncover your smile.