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Why Clear Aligners Fail In Straightening Your Teeth And How To Avoid It

Your main goal as an orthodontic patient is to achieve the best and correct teeth alignment after your treatment.  After all, fixing misaligned teeth takes a great amount of your time, money, and effort. 

Aside from the traditional braces, there are now other dental braces options and procedures that fix misaligned teeth but are less invasive and easier, comfortable, and patient-friendly. One of these is clear aligners. 

Clear aligners and their Benefits

Clear aligners are one of the alternative options for metal braces which are now becoming more popular thanks to various advantages they can give to your whole teeth alignment journey. 

With clear aligners, you will be given a series of custom-made trays which will gently and slowly move your teeth to their desired proper position. Clear aligners are recommended for correcting various mild to complex dental problems such as crooked teeth, bite problems, and wide dental gaps. 

Your aligner trays are made from smooth and light plastic materials which are comfortable on your mouth, unlike metal braces that are fixed on your teeth and may cause pain and discomfort. 

Another good thing about clear aligners is that they can be removed easily and entirely! It can give you the comfort and flexibility you need to do the following:

Maintain good and proper oral hygiene.

You can brush and floss your teeth regularly and normally. No need to exert extra time and effort unlike when you have metal braces. Ideal whenever you’re in a hurry and if you are already tired at night and want to go to bed immediately. 

Eat and drink (almost) everything.

You don’t have to modify your diet and avoid hard, sticky, and chewy foods when you have clear aligners. No need to worry about foods that may get stuck between your teeth and brackets and damage your metal braces. 

Flash your smile more confidently.

Let’s admit it, one of the reasons why you are hesitant in getting metal braces is because they can be distracting and even unappealing. It certainly affects your overall confidence. 

Well, you can definitely consider clear aligners as they are almost invisible – making your entire treatment procedure less noticeable. 

However, despite its many advantages, clear aligners may fail to straighten your teeth after your treatment duration. 

Complications may arise that may impede or negatively disrupt your progress. Considering your teeth and smile are one of your features that people notice immediately, the last thing you want to do is mess it up. 

Find out what may cause your clear aligners to fail in straightening your teeth and how to avoid them. 

Your clear aligners are not properly fitted.

Your clear aligners may fail to fix your alignment problem because they are not properly fitted to you. You may notice visible gaps and air bubbles between your teeth and the aligner tray. Another instance is one of the dental arches may fit seamlessly but the other one does not. 

Fortunately, this won’t be the case with ALINA. ALINA aligners use the latest 3-D technology and AI to ensure a snug fit and a smile that complements your facial features.

Not wearing it at least 22 hours a day and other compliance issues. 

It is important to wear your aligners trays no less than 22 hours per day for it to be effective. 

Your teeth have a strong tendency to move back to their previous positions. Although one of its advantages is that it is removable,  keep in mind that your trays won’t be able to successfully give the desired outcome on time if you will wear them for less than the recommended 22 hours per day. 

When it comes to dental hygiene, you should frequently and properly clean not just your teeth but also your aligner trays too. 

Also, avoid eating, drinking, and smoking while wearing your aligner trays. Doing these things may discolor your aligners, making them gross and unwearable. 

Losing and breaking an aligner tray will also impede your treatment progress. 

Your case is not for clear aligners. 

Although clear aligners provide an effective, fast, and much more comfortable dental treatment experience compared to other options, there are some extremely complex cases that may need a more traditional approach. 

Severe and complex dental problems and too-rotated teeth are better addressed by traditional braces. 

On the other hand, changes in your case during your treatment that your orthodontist may have not anticipated during the planning of your clear aligner treatment might happen. 

So it is important to always check in with your orthodontist during your routine appointments so that s/he can revisit and revise your treatment plan. 

Your orthodontist fails to give you the appropriate and best care you deserve. 

Communication between a patient and an orthodontist is essential for every dental treatment journey to be successful. 

After expressing the complications mentioned above that you might encounter and your orthodontist continuously fails to provide you with accurate aligner trays that fit and make necessary adjustments, it’s probably time to look for another orthodontist. 

In the Philippines, ALINA Aligners is becoming a known and reputable provider of clear aligners that will give you the correct and best teeth alignment treatment. 

With almost 30 years of experience in cosmetic dentistry, ALINA studies your facial features extensively and uses the latest dental scanning technology – making sure that your teeth are properly aligned and you have the one-of-a-kind perfect smile. 

Orthodontists at ALINA are experts and friendly too! Their focus is to make sure that you are confident flashing that beautiful smile of yours. 

ALINA will also give you the smile you deserve at your convenience. 3D scanning of your teeth can be done at your home. Your aligner trays will be shipped right to your door. 

Visit this link and get your perfect smile journey started. You can also try our Smile Simulation and see what your ALINA smile could look like.

The ALINA Promise

We guarantee the quality work and support in your journey to your perfect smile. If at any time during your treatment that you’ll need adjustments, we’ll be there to help you get back on track.




Mellodine Manalo

Mellodine Manalo

The ALINA Promise

ALINA guarantees a smile unique to you—so you can finally uncover your smile.