Benefits of Invisible Aligners

Get The Smile You Deserve Faster with Invisible Aligners

Invisible aligners, also known as clear braces, are quickly becoming the new standard alternative to metal braces. Its fast-growing popularity is largely owed to the comfort and convenience that you get compared to traditional braces.

Unlike traditional braces that use wires, brackets, and elastic strings to adjust your teeth, clear braces use a series of transparent custom-made aligners that allow the movement of teeth to the perfect position for your beautiful smile. 

While the traditional braces better address severe and complex cases, invisible aligners are best for teens and adults who have mild to moderate issues with crowded teeth, wide space gaps, overbite, and crooked teeth.

Invisible aligners come with plenty of benefits and convenience that prove to be less disruptive to your lifestyle. Your journey to your confident and beautiful smile is potentially that much easier without the bother of metal in your mouth. Let’s see why invisible braces are quickly becoming the clear choice.

ALINA Invisible Braces
ALINA Invisible Braces

Invisible aligners are faster than traditional braces. 

You may be asking, are invisible aligners faster than the traditional braces when it comes to proper teeth alignment? After all, we want to achieve a perfect smile as fast and quick as possible. 

Invisible aligners tend to straighten your teeth faster than traditional braces. How it works is you will receive a set of clear aligners or “trays” that are molded to the shape of your teeth. Every three weeks or so, you’ll receive a new set of trays so your teeth get slowly pushed to the right place. 

Your teeth get straightened gradually and effectively without having to visit the dentist as often as you would need to with traditional braces.

Each tray is specially designed to help you achieve your unique smile. And unlike traditional braces that can take up to three years, invisible aligner treatment typically takes about 6 to 12 months, depending on the case. 

Invisible aligners are clear and, well, invisible. 

Anxious that other people will notice your braces?

With invisible aligners, you will achieve proper teeth alignment without the unwanted attention you will often get from wearing traditional braces. 

Unlike metal and ceramic braces which come with noticeable and sometimes unattractive wires, brackets, and elastic strings that others find distracting, invisible aligners are clear and almost unnoticeable. 

Smiles are more natural-looking with invisible aligners. And you can still maintain the pearly white appearance of your teeth since invisible aligners are clear, unlike ceramic braces that stain easily. 

Invisible aligners are easy on the mouth. 

Aside from it being clear and unnoticeable, invisible aligners relieve you of the discomfort of metal and ceramic braces. 

Invisible aligners are lightweight and smooth, making them easier to wear and comfortable on the mouth. It also does not cause irritations in the inside of your mouth and on the surface of your tongue, unlike the ones you usually get from traditional braces (canker sore, mouth sore, etc.). 

No loose brackets and wires. 

Often, people wearing metal and ceramic braces experience brackets that come off, wires that get bent, broken, and might poke the inside of your mouth and your tongue. Some even accidentally swallow the brackets of their braces since they can shake loose without a moment’s notice. 

With invisible aligners, you don’t have to worry about this since your aligners are intact in one piece. You will not experience the cuts and discomfort that traditional braces usually give. 

Invisible aligners can be removed anytime. 

You won’t have to restrict your diet either. Get your teeth straightened without having to worry about what food to eat.

Despite their cravings, people wearing metal and ceramic braces often avoid food that are hard, sticky, and chewy since they may be caught in between their brackets and even damage the braces and cause irritations. 

You don’t have to avoid certain food anymore since invisible aligners can be easily taken out. Just make sure that you will place your aligners in a safe and clean case to avoid any loss or damage. 

The mouth and teeth are cleaner with invisible aligners. 

Since invisible aligners are entirely removable, you can easily brush and floss your teeth normally. You don’t need to worry about the many dental care processes required with traditional braces. Also, this will ensure that you will reach and clean the entirety of your teeth and the inside of your mouth. 

Invisible aligners are indeed a popular procedure for getting your teeth properly aligned due to their various advantages. 

Although Invisalign is one of the most popular brands when it comes to invisible aligners, did you know that there is a local-based manufacturer that provides invisible aligners unique to your facial features? 

Meet ALINA Invisible Braces. 

ALINA Invisible Braces aim to bring out the beautiful smile that’s unique only to you.

Unlike any other aligner, ALINA looks and studies the symmetry of your face, the shape of your jaw, and the angle of your teeth – ensuring that your smile is designed to complement your facial features.

Also with ALINA, you will achieve your one-of-a-kind smile at your own convenience. Taking the 3-D image of your teeth? We will come to you for your scan. Afterward, your ALINA Invisible Braces will be shipped right to your door within 7 days. 

The one-of-a-kind perfect smile that you deserve is just one click away. You can also try our Smile Simulation and see what your ALINA smile could look like. Book an online consultation today and get your perfect smile journey started. 

The ALINA Promise

We guarantee the quality work and support in your journey to your perfect smile. If at any time during your treatment that you’ll need adjustments, we’ll be there to help you get back on track.






The ALINA Promise

ALINA guarantees a smile unique to you—so you can finally uncover your smile.